We affirm all biblical, historical and orthodox Christian doctrine. Our theology is shaped by protestant, reformed and evangelical conviction. Below are 15 essential articles of our Christian faith.

GOD: We believe in the one and only true, living and Sovereign God, who exists as eternal Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

JESUS: We believe in the perfect righteous life, sacrificial-substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, and supreme Lordship of Jesus Christ as recorded in the scriptures.

SPIRIT: We believe in the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit to empower believers for witness, service and sanctification.

BIBLE: We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired, sufficient, inherent and authoritative word of God.

MANKIND: We believe that human beings bear the glorious image of God, and yet are infected and corrupted by original sin; therefore unable to attain righteousness by their own effort.

SALVATION: We believe that salvation is a sovereign divine work of God’s election, foreknowledge, love and grace – in which he has chosen an eternal family for his pleasure and glory.

GOSPEL: We believe in the Gospel of grace through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, as the exclusive means for redemption, justification, forgiveness and salvation.

SECURITY: We believe that all true believers will be held in the grip of grace and persevere in faith to the very end of their earthly lives, receiving their promised inheritance.

CREATION: We believe in the literal and historical account of creation as recorded in the scriptures and as clearly seen by all that has been made.

ISRAEL:  We believe in God’s promises to Israel, and look forward to her full repentance, redemption and restoration.

GENDER: We believe that men and women are created equal yet different. We affirm their biblical roles in marriage, home and the church.

CHURCH: We believe in the Church as the “called out” people of God, the precious Bride, and the visible Body of Christ, that gathers for worship and scatters for mission.

SACRAMENT: We believe that Jesus instituted the two sacraments of baptism and communion for the church to practice joyfully and regularly.

WITNESS: We believe that our lives should reflect Jesus and his love to a lost and dying world. Charity, testimony, service and proclamation are the evidence of genuine faith.

TRIUMPH: We believe in the triumphant return of Christ, resurrection and judgment, heaven and hell, a new creation and eternity.